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Connecting Home Theater Components

      Without connections, there is no home theater. Despite the obvious nature of that statement, cables are often overlooked when formulating your home theater budget. Every other component is researched and evaluated but when it comes to home theater cables, people sometimes grab whatever is available. With the wide variety connections on the market today, it is easy to get lost in all of the information. These articles will help you determine which cables will give you the performance you are looking for with your home theater system.
      In terms of dedicated video cables, you can choose from s-video cable and component video cable as well as DVI cable for your high-definition television. While coaxial cable, composite cable, and HDMI cable carry video signals as well, they send also audio in the same transmission.
      In this section, you will also find information on speaker wire and the various types of speaker connections. You will learn why banana plugs and spade lug connectors are able to send cleaner signals to your speakers compared to bare wire. You will also find out why 5-way binding post are preferred over spring connections.

Cables & Connections Articles

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